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The next generation directional drilling management system.

DDMS Overview

With the next generation directional drilling management system from Drilling Products Incorporated (DPI), you can now experience efficiency like never before. With real-time drilling data, portable data tools, and more, the DDMS boosts operator success and overall efficiency. At DPI, all of our products are made by drillers, for drillers.

All drilling managers know that a drilling project’s success is all about efficiency. The DDMS gives managers more data and control over drilling projects than ever before. Projects can now be managed far more efficiently and effectively. Data collected from the DDMS can be used to quickly and easily track project costs, account for consumable items used on the project, and make changes to the borehole plan. Drill reporting becomes simpler while allowing the collection of more data.

The DDMS allows drillers to drill more footage faster, while ensuring the hole is always on plan. Real-time borehole plotting allows the driller to see exactly where the borehole is compared to the borehole plan, with specified tolerances, allowing for accurate borehole placement. The gamma sensor helps drillers to stay in-seam and reduce the number of sidetracks drilled, saving time and money.

Overall, the DDMS is all about efficiency. From the driller all the way to the project manager, the DDMS offers cost saving benefits that will give everyone additional control over the success of the drilling project. From tracking consumables used while drilling and activity, to making borehole plan changes, the DDMS is the ultimate Directional Drilling Management System!

Uphole Computer

Features of the intrinsically safe (I.S.) DPI uphole computer include: Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB solid state hard drive, 17 in. high resolution LCD display, full character keyboard, Bluetooth receiver and transmitter, and an I.S. handheld USB mass storage device.

DDMS Downhole Probe

Track downhole temperature,vibration, and magnetic field information, in addition to comprehensive survey data. This facilitates drilling and provides the ability to drill intercepting holes

Portable Data

Utilize Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data transmission to and from the Uphole Computer and web portal. Access borehole designs, as-drilled plots, and data management tools like voice/photo field comments; all from a ruggedized Handheld Computer.

Monitor Drilling & Activity

Spatial Coordinates of Bit, Toolface, Temperature, Magnetic Field, Vibration, Gamma Response, Consumables, Equipment Run- Times, Time and Activity Tracking.

Virtual Data Manager

Remotely manage borehole design plans, as-drilled data, gamma plots, and project information from any computer with an Internet connection. This allows for added productivity and oversight of remote project sites.

Gamma Comparison

Toggle through gamma data on polar plots, providing operators first-hand information as to the surrounding geological material they are drilling.

Drill to Plan

View real-time drilling data on drill-to-plan plots, where as-drilled data overlays borehole design data along with survey accuracy and hole design tolerance.