Performance, Reliability & Longetivity

Superior small-diameter downhole motors.

Our Story

Drilling Products Inc. (DPI) is the equipment subsidiary of REI Drilling Inc. (REI). For more than 30 years REI Drilling has been the leader in underground directional drilling in the mining industry. In 2002 REI began modifying downhole motors to improve motor life and maximize performance. After six years of field tested improvements DPI was created to provide superior small diameter downhole motors to the drilling industry at large. Today, DPI motors are used 24/7, 365 days a year on three different continents in trenchless, oil & gas, and mining applications.

Motor Sales and Rental

Drilling Products Inc. supplies small diameter motors to the global drilling industry. Please feel free to download our motor brochure and review the sizes and specifications of the motors we supply:

Motor Rebuild Services

In addition to sales and rentals, DPI offers complete maintenance and rebuild services for your downhole motors. We disassemble each motor down to the individual components, cleaning, and inspecting every piece of the motor. Components are not only visually inspected, but are caliper tested to ensure operability. We replace necessary components, re-assemble the motor, test it, and get it back to you promptly to minimize down time. DPI has a state-of-the-art motor test facility where all new and rebuild motors undergo rigorous quality control testing prior to delivery.